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Mimo Decor is a furniture and design venture established in 2017 by father-daughter partners Joe and Jessica Buscaglia.

With 30 years of custom renovation under his belt, Joe Buscaglia has parlayed his craft and business as a residential and commercial builder into the restoration of American and Scandinavian furniture. As the “execution arm” of MiMO DECOR and MiMO WORKSHOP, Joe manages all in-house furniture projects. Each piece is considered and treated in scale - from light retouch and reconditioning to full-on refinishing, restructuring, and total rebuild. When rehabbing to original condition is not an option, customization is often the final recourse in rescuing a piece from future death. As the furniture cycle reveals, the initial assessment of a piece eventually gives way to new ownership and final in-home delivery, of which Joe presides over here at Mimo.

Jessica heads up the retail and design services at Mimo. She has a degree in art history that forced her interests slightly elsewhere and has been collecting, envisioning, and designing for interiors spaces ever since her last “Art of the Impressionists” paper was written 11 years ago.

We are so proud to locally serve the Buffalo area in providing classically modern, quality furniture and home decor. We strive to be as full service for you as possible - from delivery and installation, to in-house design consultations to staging and rentals. Finding the right thing isn’t always easy, but tasking us to source the right piece for you and your space may just make it easier! Feel free to visit our Hertel showroom as our inventory changes daily and only a fraction is shown online at this time.




Looking to unload? We buy vintage and mid-century items that are in good, clean condition. We look for furniture and home decor from the 50s - 70s, along with select pieces of modernism, pop culture and fashion from the 80s and 90s.  We do not typically purchase older, more traditional or "antique" items. Think retro, Danish modern, and contemporary! We also accept donations and can provide a store receipt for tax deduction purposes.

We buy your pieces outright, not on a consignment basis. You don’t have to wait for the item to sell or worry about picking up if it doesn’t. Please note that because we purchase for re-sale, we are not able to pay retail value for your pieces. And please do not bring items directly to the shop without prior consent.

Call, send us an email or fill out the form to the right and we’ll be in touch soon!

*Please do not be offended if we cannot buy your items. It may be due to logistical reason like floor space and transportation or that it is simply not an item of need at the moment. Thank you for thinking of us!

Approximate price your looking to receive for the item